Our Story

Legacy craftsmanship and Artisan details have led us to create a collection depicting the Indian Heritage imbued in modernity. Our exquisitely curated range of Handwoven and Handcrafted Shawls , Capes , Nehru Jackets & Coords is distinctive and contemporary. Taroob resorts to an exquisite exhibit of a collection inspired from seeking to Epitomise Elegance. Our Founders have been exporting a major part of their creations to the top-notch markets in the U.S.A and Europe. We have been leading exporters of Scarves, Shawls, Ponchos and Capes to a number of International Brands. Taroob was born of thought to cater to the Web Market across the globe.

There is a personal touch to every piece along with our exclusive box packaging. Drape these stunners with your Indian and Western attire and make us a part of every occasion. Our design exemplifies modernity yet we have taken care of binding our Cultural Heritage into Contemporary yet Sustainable Fashion. The fabrics we use range from finest Wool , Cashmere to Silks , Linens and blends of either. We believe clothes don’t make a difference but people who wear them do! Hence, we will be on a constant lookout for innovative ways to expand our horizons and reach out to our clients thereby creating a fond bond.

A major part of Taroob’s success story has been the use of Kalamkari & Kashmiri Embroidery Techniques . The colors used are vibrant , bright yet sophisticated. With Taroob we try to use this technique in modern silhouettes to make it ethnic yet contemporary. Our Pichwai Art Ras-Leela Kalamkari Shawl depicting scenes from Lord Krishna’s Era & Mughal Darbar Shawls depicting
scenes from the Era of Mughal Dynasty are highly appreciated .

Kalamkari was on the verge of losing its charm in recent past due to its complexity and lack of skilled craftsman. Also one of the major reasons behind its existential crisis was the emergence of high quality weaving and printing machines and acceptance of such replica products. However with the combination of traditional and modern trends this art-form has found a new way and is reviving quick. Kalamkari Shawls a huge running trend. Taroob resorts to revive this rich art-form in its Men & Women ensemble of responsibly handcrafted Outwear & Accessories and provide employment to these skilled artisans to keep its Legacy alive.