Kimonos & Kaftans


      Kimonos and Kaftans are breezy and easy-to-wear overlays perfect for any age group. Made with soft sustainable fabrics that make them airy and comfortable to the body. These can be worn as contemporary resort wear or even over a pair of jeans for a Sunday Brunch. Taroob offers a massive collection of exclusively designed Kimonos and Kaftans making them available online to the masses. Breezy silhouettes and vivacious prints handcrafted in premium fabrics gives them an edge to create an effortless look.

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      Kaftan is a variant of a robe or a tunic and Kimono is an overlay that is easy to wear and breezy to carry.

      These breezy and relaxed overlays called Kaftans & Kimonos can be worn anywhere anytime. When taking a trip down the shopping lane or spending quality time on a beach, they will make u feel classy and comfortable. You can match them with accessories wear them for a formal evening.

      These are made of soft fabrics like sustainable cotton or ecovera viscose .The materials used for making for these easy fitting overlays is soft to the skin.

      The best part is these are OS (One Size) so you don't need to be concerned about the size or fit as they fit any body type.

      We do offer an exchange or store credit but we do not offer any return.