Birthday Gifts

Birthday Gifts


      Unleash your inner party animal with one of the creations from the "Birthday" collection. Intricate embroidery brings everyone to life. The essence of celebration is adorned with intricate details that capture the true mood of the celebrations. This collection is a vibrant expression of birthday exuberance, with every stitch urging you to let loose and embrace the joy of the occasion. Whether you're prowling the dance floor or roaring with laughter, the "Birthday” collection from Taroob is the perfect companion for any birthday bash.

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      Each Taroob product is made with signature fine fabrics to have a prolonged life. We strongly suggest always Dry Clean Only!

      We offer only exchange for Scarves & Shawls , for our garments we do not offer any return or exchange .

      Opt for universally appreciated gifts such as kurta pajamas, or scarves or shawls.