Different ways to style your Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl

The Kashmiri pashmina Shawl is a stunning testimony to the ages of craftsmanship and art. Its past is weaved through the fabric of the Valley, where it was born. The path of the pashmina scarf/shawl begins with the soft, fine wool that comes from the underbelly of the Himalayan mountain goat also known as the Changthangi also known as the Pashmina goat. The wool is not sheared from the goats but the weavers practically collect each strand that falls during the shedding season and then spinned into yarns.

The technique of weaving pashmina goes back to more than 500 years ago. It was during the 15th century that this craft really took off under the guidance of Mughal emperors, who acknowledged the shawl's exceptional quality and elegance. Pashmina Shawls were symbols of prestige and elegance typically reserved for royalty and nobles.

In the British colonial time when the demand for gorgeous Shawls increased to European markets,  Pashmina Shawls became highly desired fashion items. However, the intricate design was challenged by changes in fashion and market dynamic.

In the present, Kashmiri artisans continue to weave these treasures by hand using traditional methods and designs. The Kashmiri pashmina shawl is not simply a piece of clothing but a symbol of timeless heritage and unmatched artistic talent and a testimony to the zealousness of craftsmen who have passed on their knowledge over generations. They continue to delight all over the world thanks to their unbeatable softness, intricate designs, and timeless appeal that connects the world of today with the rich tradition of Kashmir.

In this article,we are going to learn different ways to style kashmiri shawls for men and women. 

Ways to style Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl for HER

Classic Draped Shawl Look:

Begin by draping the shawl on your shoulders. Let the ends hang on to your back, or drape the shawl across your shoulders. Let the shawl's exquisite design and vibrant colors take center stage. Pair it with a classic kurta or a simple dress to create an effortlessly chic look.

A heavy shawl like this from taroob with intricate designs is perfect for classic draped look. Let the shawl's exquisite design and vibrant colors take center stage. Pair it with a classic kurta or a simple dress to create an effortlessly chic look. Choose a slim belt to tie your waist, giving your wrap a more defined appearance. Pick a statement necklace, or earring to add some glam. Silver jhumkas (traditional Indian earrings) and a matching clutch will complete the classic look. Choose a classic style by wearing red lipstick and winged eyeliner to create a timeless look. Low buns or loose, romantic hairstyles are a great way to complete this look.

Shawl as a Scarf

Shawl as a Scarf

The pashmina shawl is folded into a long swath and tie it over your neck, leaving the ends hanging over to the front. This Pure pashmina shawl from Taroob is perfect for this style. You can add a fashionable belt made of leather or a statement piece to keep the shawl. Be minimalist by putting on a delicate necklace as well as stud earrings. Create a natural, beautiful look with delicate pink lips as well as delicate eye makeup. Go for an open, loose haircut with soft curls to give the romantic touch to your overall look..

Off-the-Shoulder Elegance

The shawl is draped over one shoulder and allows it to be draped gracefully over your arm. Add a pin or brooch to keep the shawl. The statement earrings, as well as the slouchy Cuff bracelet add beauty. Opt for a smokey eye and red lips that are bold to create a dramatic impact. A sleek, side-swept haircut as well as a low-chignon work well with this look.

Caped Chic Look

Put the pashmina shawl over your shoulders to create a cape-like appearance. Wear a fashionable belt to tie the shawl to your waist to create a distinct look. The chunky, layered necklaces as well as bracelets are an elegant accent. Try a bronzed look by wearing natural-looking lips as well as subtle eye makeup. Unruly waves or a loose beachy style that is a perfect complement to the casual yet stylish style.

Boho Wrap Style

Wrap the pashmina scarf around your body, and tie it by knotting loosely. An accessory bag with fringe and suede ankle boots finish the bohemian style well. Beaded necklaces with beads as well as dangly earrings and a bangle arm are ideal for a boho-chic look. Create natural, earthy looks by wearing bare lips and a minimal amount of eye makeup. loose and messy waves or fishtail braids contribute to the boho style.

Ways to style kashmiri pashmina shawl for HIM

Kashmiri pashmina shawls aren't only for women's wear they are an excellent accessory for men too. There are a variety of ways that men can wear the Kashmiri pashmina shawl.

Casual Elegance

pashmina shawl

Throw this Kashmiri pashmina shawl from Taroob over the shoulders and allow it to hang loosely across your back. Dress it up with an elegantly-fitted shirt, slim-fit jeans or trousers. For accessories, opt for an easy leather belt and the wristwatch. An easy leather belt can add an element of class to your outfit. A classic wristwatch adds to the classiness of the outfit.

Formal Sophistication

formal shawl

This  formal shawl from Taroob should be wrapped around your shoulders. Attach it using the shawl pin or brooch. It's a great match with a formal dress for an elegant occasion. Select a beautiful brooch or pin for securing the shawl and add an element of luxury. If you are celebrating a special event, pick a sparkling brooch that has diamonds. Also, you can wear a necklace to attract the attention of. Make sure you choose cufflinks carefully. Whatever size they may be, elegant cufflinks add to the formality of your dress.

Fusion Fashion

Use the Kashmiri pashmina shawl to create a fusion style by drapering it in a sari style. Wear it with a well-fitted suit and churidar trousers or a pair of trousers. Punjabi and Sindhi opulence is best seen via the prism of tradition and culture. In terms of the old-fashioned way of life, a turban is the most effective way to demonstrate that you're rooted. If you have the opportunity, you can wear the same turban to create authentic fusion. Traditional Indian mojaris or juttis are a perfect complement to the look.

Bohemian Charm


Enjoy a bohemian look with this Taroob shawl used as a turban or headscarf. It can be worn with loose-fitting trousers or denim, and a flowing shirt. The hippie-inspired bracelets will enhance your bohemian outfit. You can stack leather or beaded bracelets on your wrists and show off the boho bunny in you. To look stylish and fun do not forget to go for large round sunglasses to give an edgy look.

Layered Luxury

Layering is the key to winter. You can layer the Kashmiri pashmina shawl with an unisex cardigan or sweater. The neutral hues will make you notice your vibrant pashmina. You can pair it with a good-fitting pair of trousers or jeans to complete the appearance. In colder months leather gloves will not only provide warmth, but they can also add a touch of elegance. Most people don't realize the importance of pocket squares in male style. Place a silk pocket square in your suit pocket to add an added touch of elegance.

Rustic Retreat

You can create a rustic style by draping this shawl around the neck. It can be worn in a plaid t-shirt and a pair of rugged jeans. Flat caps, beanies or brims with wide brims, particularly made from wool or tweed are fantastic alternatives. Simple leather bracelets add the perfect rugged touch.Look for durable, well-constructed leather or suede boots that are neutral shades.


Men and women can dress Kashmiri pashminas in many ways to create distinctive and sophisticated styles. The selection of accessories is crucial to making each look more attractive. If you're going for a casual, formal or fusion style, appropriate accessories can boost the overall appearance and create an impact. Try these different styles and accessories to discover which one best expresses your personal style and complements the royal elegance of the Kashmiri pashmina shawl.