10 Designer Nehru Jackets to Stand Out at Weddings

I recently attended a wedding where guests were instructed to adhere to an appropriate dress code for every event. While the dress code required for casual events such as a wedding was not necessary, I did notice that the appropriate dress code to wear for one particular event consisted of Nehru Jackets. And when I saw the guys walking together in elegant, vibrant silk and all types of Nehru Jackets, I started to doubt my ideas regarding the necessity of wearing a dress code.

Fashion is a huge part of the world and the Nehru jacket has been seen as a timeless, iconic piece that effortlessly blends fashion and tradition. This blog is provided via Taroob, a brand which celebrates the rich heritage of the traditional weavers and craftsmen.

We are very happy to present you with our selection comprising 10 Designer Nehru jackets that are each one of a kind. 

The Origin of Nehru Jackets

The Nehru jacket was made famous by the very first Indian Prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It has an interesting story. This iconic coat was presented in the 1940s, and Pandit Nehru first became one of the few to sport an orange-collar jacket, an element of his daily attire. The basic, yet stylish design quickly gained traction and became a symbol of elegance and refinement.

The Nehru jacket surpassed the boundaries of the political realm and became the life of formal fashion. Nehru jackets are known for sleek lines, distinctive collar and button-down front. Today in the world of fashion, this unique Indian dress is loved across the globe.

Classic Paisley Embroidered Bandi Jacket

This timeless piece is decorated using intricate embroidery on extravagant fabric such as silk, adding a touch of luxury to your look. It can be paired with a simple white kurta, and a churidar or pajama to create a sophisticated and timeless look. You could also opt for the matching black kurta and pajama in silk and a pagdi for a special occasion such as a wedding. With flawless detail, this jacket blends contemporary and traditional style perfectly.

Mustard Embroidered Kalamkari Bandi Jacket

The bright mustard color in this Bandi jacket catches the attention of onlookers immediately with its warmth and positive vibe. The stunning Kalamkari on the surface tells tales of the past Indian traditions through each stitch. Kalamkari is among the most renowned crafts of south India and the nation is doing its best to conserve this ancient art. Wear it with different colors of pants, as well as the pocket square for an appealing outfit.

Kashmiri Sozni Embroidered Bandi Jacket

With intricate Sozni embroidery, which originates from Kashmir, it is an extremely sought-after option in designer nehru jackets for weddings. This Bandi jacket is decorated with gorgeous Sozni designs that tell the stories of Kashmir's rich cultural past. Each thread displays the meticulous workmanship and care for particulars, demonstrating the skills and dedication for Kashmiri artisans. The jacket you are wearing is testament to the exquisite craftsmanship. Wear it with an afghan in pastel and dhoti pants or a set of kurta pajama and let it shine with embroidery.

Pure Silk Moroccan Kalamkari Embroidered Nehru Jacket

This Nehru jacket is exquisitely made and radiates elegance and class. Pure silk's delicate texture encases you in elegance and Kalamkari painting tells a tale of tradition and inspiration. Each and every stitch pattern is a testimony to the skilled hands who created this jacket. The design of the jacket is inspired by Morocco. It is a striking addition to your wardrobe and makes it a stunning option for weddings and other special events. It can be worn with slim-fit trousers and a stunning brooch to give a chic look.

Bold Paisley Embroidered Modi Jacket, Men's Bandi

The jacket was meticulously designed with vivid paisley patterns beautifully stitched onto luxurious silk. Modi collars add an air of elegance and individuality, which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to make an impressive fashion statement. The Bold Paisley Embroidered Modi jacket is an incredibly versatile piece that is suitable for various occasions. You can wear it with a crisp white kurta with jeans for an informal yet elegant look or wear it with the right kurta and pajama to create a formal look. 

Bengal Kantha Ethnic Embroidered Nehru Jacket

The gorgeous embroidery of our Kantha Nehru Jacket tells tales about Bengal's culture and its history. The vibrant patterns and colors honor this region's art and heritage. Wearing this coat is akin to wearing a piece of art. It's an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Wear your dhoti or linen pants with a traditional dress to create an authentic ensemble that combines the traditional and contemporary. Wear it with a pair of leather sandals for an authentic look.

Kaani Pashmina Wool Nehru Jacket, Men's Bandi

This jacket is constructed from the highest quality Pashmina wool that is loved for its unparalleled warmth and softness, and is perfect for cool evenings at weddings and other special occasions. The jacket is adorned with a stunning Kaani style that is reminiscent of Kashmiri traditional craftsmanship, adding an element of tradition to your outfit. Its trendy and tailored cut exude regal elegance and make it a striking option for formal occasions. Pair this with an elegant silk kurta pajama or Jodhpuri pants to make an impressive and commanding appearance.

 Bright Green Embroidered Men's Modi Jacket

The striking and vibrant color of this bright green jacket instantly attracts attention, making it an outstanding choice for any event. The jacket is embellished with stunning embroidery that pays tribute to India's rich art and history. With its trendy collar and a slim silhouette the jacket exudes style and modernity. You can pair the Bright Green Embroidered Modi Jacket with a neutral bottom or traditional pajamas for an elegant look that lets it shine.

Mughal Darbar Kalamkari Nehru Jacket , Men's Bandi

This magnificent Men's Bandi combines the complex artistry of Kalamkari with classic Mughal-inspired motifs to create a piece that is really a reflection of tradition. Rich and opulent fabric of the jacket has stunning Kalamkari motifs that were lovingly created by knowledgeable artisans. Each brushstroke and fine detail reveals a tale of centuries-old artistry. Its adaptable design makes it simple to combine with both contemporary pants and traditional kurta-pajamas, making it appropriate for a variety of settings.

Kashmiri Sozni Embroidered Open Bandi Jacket

The delicate Sozni needlework, a centuries-old art form that has been handed down through the generations, is the pièce de résistance of this open bandi jacket. The fabric is decorated with intricate designs, weaving a fascinating tapestry of creativity and culture. This jacket is a wearable work of art since each stitch has a unique narrative to tell. This classic item has a contemporary twist because of the open-front design, which makes it appropriate for a variety of settings. For a regal evening look, wear this bandi jacket with a silk kurta in a solid hue and churidar pants. 


Taroob is inviting you to take part in the celebration of Nehru Jackets this festive season and to celebrate the link between the past and the present. 10 designer Nehru jackets from our collection shows our commitment towards the protection of traditional art and craft. Taroob is dedicated to providing exceptional clothing and unbeatable customer service.

These Designer Nehru jackets for weddings described in the article make sure that you stand out in the crowd of elegant grace.