How to Drape Shawl With Suit?

If you think shawls are outdated and mainly worn by the elderly, you are mistaken! A shawl is another versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in a variety of ways. 

It not only keeps you warm, but when worn correctly, it can also make a wonderful fashion statement! In this article, we'll teach you how to drape a shawl with suit.

How to Drape Shawl with Suit

There are numerous ways to wear a shawl. Europeans use shawls in specific ways, Arabs in very different ways, and South Asians wear them in a variety of ways.

Traditional Way

This is a classic method to wear a shawl that will never go out of fashion. Nothing is more pleasant than a soft shawl placed around your shoulders, providing warmth on a cold day. 

This is a beautiful style that pairs well with ethnic clothes, specially suit. You can also wear it with kaftans, kurtas/kurtis, sarees, and a variety of other traditional garments. 

This style is ideal for wearing at weddings and other gatherings because it pairs so nicely with a traditional attire. 

Wrap yourself in a classic shawl and make people remember you when they think of 'elegance'.

One Sided Dupatta

If you are wearing a suit with stunning embroidery at the front or stylish neck cut or you want to show off that wonderful jewelry gifted by a loved one then you need to drape the shawl in such a way that it does not hide your neck.

One such way is by throwing the shawl over your one shoulder like a one sided dupatta.

Replace the dupatta with a shawl. 

This also works well when you're not sure about the weather but don't want to risk not having a shawl. This style is your savior in such situations! 

Wear it as a dupatta, and if the weather gets too chilly, wear it as a shawl to stay warm--it's like getting two things done at once!


In case you were not aware of this fact, Yes! You can choose to style your shawl as a poncho. 

Let us show you how:

  • Take a shawl and throw it over your shoulders. 
  • Do not fold or crease it, and drape the entire shawl across the shoulders. 
  • The ends should be in the front while the rest of the shawl falls downward from your shoulders.
  • The two ends of the shawl at the front will have some gap in between them. You must close this gap with a few safety pins.

So there you have it! A shawl draped like a stunning poncho!


Yes, you can make your shawl into a shrug! Doesn't this sound interesting? 

This is another fantastic method to drape a shawl. It gives a really bohemian appearance.  Wear your favorite shawl this way to amaze everyone with your creativity.


  • Take one end of your shawl and bring it to the center of the longer side. 
  • Tie a knot there and repeat the process for the opposite side of your shawl.
  • Put your arms through the spots where you secured the two knots and voila, you have your shrug.

This is one of the nicest ways to wear a huge shawl.


That's all people! In this article, we discussed how to drape a shawl with a suit in amazing ways. You can wear it the traditional way by wrapping it around your shoulders or as a dupatta. For indo-western look, you can style the same shawl as a poncho or a shrug. 

We hope you found them useful. Which of these amazing shawl draping styles listed above is your favorite?