Blazers & Long Coats

      We can already feel the gentle breezes of autumn rubbing on our skin! Elevate your look with Taroob's gorgeous assortment of Long Coats and Blazers as layering season approaches. Our Long Coats and Blazers are the pinnacle of classic elegance since they are expertly made and perfectly tailored.  Our Long Coats and Blazers are made to enhance your silhouette and keep you warm in the coldest seasons. Wrap yourself in warmth and sophistication with our long coats, whether you're headed to a formal event or a casual outing, Taroob's Long Coats and Blazers effortlessly blend comfort and style.




      At Taroob, our Coord Sets are sold as complete ensembles. This ensures that each set is carefully curated for a harmonious look. 

      Each Taroob product is made with signature fine fabrics to have a prolonged life. We strongly suggest to always Dry Clean Only!

      We offer only exchange for Scarves & Shawls , for our garments we do not offer any return or exchange .