7 Must-Have Outfits for Eid Al-Fitr Elegance

I remember, as kids we would go around asking all the elders in our family, “Where is my Eidi?” Those were some days! 

Eid Al-Fitr has a great significance when it comes to the muslim community across the world. It marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. It is all about celebration and joy. People show gratitude and share the joy of breaking the fast with their loved ones. They feast together and exchange gifts with each other.

As we embrace this special occasion, we have brought to you these seven must-have outfits from Taroob's collection that will elevate your festive wardrobe. What better way to express the joy of Eid than through the language of fashion? Taroob provides the perfect canvas for your festive expressions.

Here are the must-have outfits for Eid Al-Fitr:

White Pure Silk Moroccan Kalamkari Embroidered Nehru Jacket:

I can vouch for the elegance of this exquisite piece. The white pure silk serves as a pristine canvas for the intricate Moroccan Kalamkari embroidery. This Nehru jacket effortlessly combines sophistication with cultural richness and is perfect for both formal gatherings and intimate family celebrations. 

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White Pure Silk Moroccan Kalamkari Embroidered Nehru Jacket

Multicolor Mughal Darbar Kalamkari Nehru Jacket:

Remember, how we stand dumbfounded at the grandeur of Mughal courts at all these historical monuments. I had the same reaction when I first saw this vibrant masterpiece. The intricate Mughal Darbar Kalamkari embroidery on this Nehru jacket is opulent and regal. Pair it with neutral tones to let the jacket steal the spotlight or experiment with complementary hues for a bold fashion statement.  

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Multicolor Mughal Darbar Kalamkari Nehru Jacket

Floral Embroidered Men's Bandi Jacket (Modi Jacket):

For those who appreciate the subtle natural elements in their clothes, this Floral Embroidered Men's Bandi Jacket is a delightful choice. The intricate floral embroidery adds a touch of grace and sophistication. Whether paired with traditional kurta pajamas or contemporary trousers, this Modi jacket effortlessly enhances your overall look. 

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Floral Embroidered Men's Bandi Jacket

Bold Paisley Embroidered Modi Jacket (Men's Bandi):

Make a bold statement with this eye-catching Paisley Embroidered Modi Jacket. The vibrant paisley patterns add a playful yet refined touch to your ensemble. This piece is perfect for those who wish to embrace a fusion of tradition and contemporary style. Elevate your Eid Al-Fitr celebrations with this charismatic Modi jacket. 

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Kashmiri Sozni Embroidered Open Bandi Jacket:

Indulge in the luxurious craftsmanship of Kashmir with the Sozni Embroidered Open Bandi Jacket. The intricate Sozni embroidery reflects the rich heritage of Kashmiri artistry. This piece is a timeless classic, perfect for those who appreciate the finer details of every stitch.

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Paisley Embroidered Bandhgala:

For a more formal affair, the Paisley Embroidered Bandhgala is an ideal choice. This timeless piece exudes sophistication and elegance. The intricate paisley embroidery adds a touch of regality, making it perfect for Eid gatherings that demand a refined dress code. Elevate your style with this charismatic Bandhgala. 

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Paisley Embroidered Bandhgala


Fun Paisley Pure Silk Embroidered Bandhgala:

Inject a dose of fun and playfulness into your Eid Al-Fitr celebrations with the Fun Paisley Pure Silk Embroidered Bandhgala. The lively paisley patterns on pure silk make this piece a delightful addition to your festive wardrobe. Ideal for those who appreciate a fusion of traditional elements with a contemporary twist. 

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Fun Paisley Pure Silk Embroidered Bandhgala:


Taroob stands out with their exquisite traditional style, and fine craftsmanship. Each piece here tells a unique story. These seven must-have outfits highlighted in this article celebrate heritage as much as they represent modernity.

Shop Taroob and make this Eid a celebration of style, culture, and craftsmanship.