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From choosing reasons to celebrate seasons, our favourite amongst them all is the Wedding Season! Weddings turn out to be the most vivid memories and making them even more memorable are the Wedding Favors. Small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and the groom has now become a tradition in themselves. Make Taroob a part of this celebration with our magical packaging that stands out with a personalised Sleeve & Thank-you Card. Our boxes and sleeves are specially designed to woo the “Baraati’s”! 

MUGHAL Wedding Theme

Fashion does carry its roots from the past and speaking of the past “The Mughal Heritage” has been known for its riches. We, at Taroob, promise you a whole new range of shawls and stoles which are characterized by luxurious styles. While you make a style statement of your own with these stunning pieces, you can use this “Mughal Theme” for your special occasions.  Make us a part of your journey while you make memories with our exquisite fashion accessories.

Tropical WEdding Theme

Don’t we all love a fancy “Tropical Theme”?? Yes, we do! 
If you are wondering how to get going with the fun and quirky Tropical Theme, Taroob’s got you covered. Whether you want to carry a kitschy attire or flaunt off a trendy look, Taroob’s specially curated tropical line will help you spread tokens of love wrapped in our splendid packaging. Well you can find some stunning pieces here giving your giveaways a perfect Tropical Vibe! 


A party host is looked upon the most. Why not make a small celebration a story of a lifetime! Treat your guests with love & warmth from Taroob’s exquisite Engagement and Reception collection which is beautifully curated by Team Taroob. We are here to stay in your hearts forever!

Baby Shower

Baby shower is a celebration with a ceremony as it symbolizes the transformation of a woman into a mother. Make this occasion even more memorable with your Nears & Dears by making Taroob gift boxes a part of your celebration. “Shower” your loved ones with our specially curated baby shower edit. Trust Taroob and discover new options that will help you create an unforgettable day!

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