10 Trendy Ways to Style Kurta pajama

Hey there, fashion lovers all over the globe! We're delighted to present to you Taroob, a fashion label that not only strives to make people look great but also makes you feel great. At Taroob, our philosophy is to weave the intricate tapestry of traditional and modern fashion, giving you an exclusive mix that fits your varied lifestyles. In this blog, we'll celebrate kurta-pajamas, their comfort, style, and the philosophy that inspired Taroob's designs.

The Power of Comfort in Style

Comfort is more than an emotion; it's a declaration of confidence. When you're at ease in your clothes, your personality shines more. At Taroob, we are aware that there is a link between confidence and comfort. We would like you to feel at ease while showing off your personal style.

Imagine a dress that is as comfortable as your favorite loungewear, however, it has a sense of class. That's the appeal of a kurta pajama. the traditional outfit, which has been welcomed by fashionistas across the globe. It's comprised of a top of a tunic (kurta) and drawstring trousers that are loosely fitted (pajamas). The loose-fitting kurta lets you move freely, which makes it a perfect option for casual or formal occasions.

The Rise to Fame

Kurta pajama has evolved from a traditional dress to a cult fashion item nowadays. It effortlessly blends heritage with modern-day fashions and caters to the needs of a diaspora with a variety of. As fashion trends change, the kurta pajama's style has changed too, in keeping with the latest trends while retaining its timeless style.

Key Considerations Before Purchasing Kurtas

Before embarking on your pajama kurta-journey with Taroob, there are some essential elements to consider. The style, the embroidery length, the dimensions of the kurta occasion, the fabric, as well as the bottom style, are key elements that affect the overall impression of your outfit. These factors ensure that you stand out in a flash.

Latest Kurta pajama Styles For Men

Pathaani- The Pathani Kurta has a long, straight silhouette, paired with straight-cut pants. This elegant style is regal and sophisticated.

Dhoti- A modern take on the traditional dhoti. This look combines the kurta with a dreadlock bottom that resembles a dhoti, and adds an element of bohemian style.

Bandhgala- Enhance your kurta-pajama outfit with the bandhgala (closed-neck) jacket, which combines contemporary and traditional aesthetics.

Churidaar- Choose a kurta with churidaar trousers, showing the intricate tapering as well as a bunching at the ankles.

High-Low- Mix the traditional and trendy with a kurta pajama that is high-low and has an elongated front and a shorter back hem.

Styling Tips for Various Kurta pajama Styles

Draped-Style Kurta pajamas: Add bold pieces of jewelry, like an extravagant bracelet or pendant necklace, to complement the slouchy drape. Draped style kurtas are usually worn at festive occasions with loafers, jutis, or brown leather shoes.

Simple Kurta and White pajamas: A simple kurta with punjabi juti. Match the color of your juti with your kurta. Pick a color that goes well with the occasion. You can also pair loafers with kurta pajamas. However, make sure they're clean and in line with the color scheme of your outfit.

Straight All Black Pathani: Dress up your look with a sleek black jacket and leather sandals to create the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional. Accessorize it with a golden watch and a golden ring. Add black sunglasses for added oomph. Pair it with black leather shoes. 

Bandi Set with Printed Jacket: Make the printed jacket the star of the show by pairing it with solid-colored pants and pajamas. Take care of the fabric, color, and type of print. It should suit your occasion and add to the overall aesthetic of the lounge.

Pathani Set with Woven Motifs: To make the pathani set stand out, make sure your accessories are simple. Let the intricate patterns in your outfit shine. 

Printed Kurta pajamas with Trendy Necklines: Trendy necklines are in vogue not only in women's outfits but also in men's. Try experimenting with chain layered necklaces and a chic wristwatch to emphasize the neckline. You can also choose to leave your neck empty, without any accessories, especially when you go for an embroidered or printed kurta. Classic leather loafers, or kolhapuri chappals, are the perfect pair to go with your kurta pajama outfit.

Cowled Kurta pajamas: This is another style that is rising on the runway. The best way to wear them is with fitted bottoms to counterbalance the drapes that are voluminous in the cowled Kurta. Try unusual colors such as dark maroon and royal blue. These colors instantly elevate the classic appeal.

The Asymmetric Kurta pajama: Do you want to look slim in kurta pajamas? then this is the right choice for you. Make it look sleek with simple pajamas that fit slim and minimalistic footwear for a modern edge.  Pick vertical designs on your kurtas to give the illusion of height. Wear slim-fitting pajamas with long-sleeved shoes.

Pathani kurta and Dhoti Pants: Take advantage of the mix by adding loafers made of leather or a punjabi jutti. If you are wearing it for a festive or wedding occasion, you can also add some pearls or gemstone necklace.

All White Casual Kurta pajamas: Pair an all white Kurta pajama with black leather shoes and a black watch. You can also add a nehru jacket from Taroob. Select a jacket of light shade, preferably brown. Add sunglasses for a casual but polished appearance.


In a society that values diversity, let your fashion sense reflect your journey. Enter the world of Taroob and discover the blend of culture, comfort, and modern style. Your style, your story take it on with Taroob. Taroob is dedicated to providing clothes that speak to your soul. Clothes that celebrate your heritage. Every piece is meticulously crafted. 

So, whether you're at the annual cultural event, a formal gathering, or need to inject your daily look with a dash of tradition, Taroob's pajamas will be your perfect canvas.